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Guide to Smaller Luxury Hotels in London

For those seeking a more intimate experience, London has luxury boutique hotels to suit almost every taste. The Wellesley and 45 Park Lane offer the height of modern luxury with their exquisite fashionable offerings. For those with more traditional tastes the Milestone luxury hotel cannot be missed with its spectacular and completely unique suites that transport guests a different age. The Connaught and Lanesborough luxury hotels make no compromise to give their guests the ultimate quintessentially English experience. However, no luxury hotel list would be complete without the mention of Italy and the Baglioni and Bulgari hotels are more than fine ambassadors of Italian style in London. Whatever you need our concierge service is here to provide.

St James' Hotel and Club
An icon of London's social history
The Beaumont
A flashback to 1920's British glamour
Dukes Hotel
Where modern luxury meets classic British style
45 Park Lane Hotel
When it comes to luxury fashion hotels the 45 Park lane hotel can stake a good claim to be the flagship hotel in the world, yet alone London
The Baglioni
Withs its dark tones, the Baglioni is an Italian style hotel done right
Browns Hotel
London's first ever luxury hotel, steeped with history and tradition. Its restaurant was famously frequented by Winston Churchill
The Bulgari Hotel
Style goes hand in hand with the Bulgari name, and this luxury boutique hotel with one of the largest spas in London guarantees exclusivity too.
The Connaught Hotel
The Connaught's bar regularly features as one of the most beautiful in London. Thankfully this beauty continues to every corner of this luxury hotel.
The Lanesborough Hotel
Royals and Celebrity aren't just well acquainted with this luxury hotel by chance, it offers some of the most stunning rooms London has to offer as well as, perhaps, it's best cigar lounge.
The Milestone Hotel
Individuality it personified at this luxury hotel. Probably the most unique and inventive in London. Every single room is different making it one of our concierge teams favorites.
The Wellesley
The newest (and smallest) boutique luxury hotel in London, the Wellesley offers the latest style combined with an intimate feel, offered with all the amenities of a larger hotel
The Hari Hotel
Perhaps Knightsbridge's coollest boutique hotel
The Halkin Hotel
Serenity and peace in one small package and just 5 minutes walk from Knightsbridge
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